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Eye Shape Eyeliner

Eye makeup can be your most effective weapon to add charm to your eyes. However, we do not take the effect we want if you do not fit your eye shape.
For this, according to the eye shape eyeliner while writing the points to be noted.

Let's explore eyeliner techniques that match your own eye shape!

Almond Eyes:
It's time to admit you're lucky! Almond eye shape suits almost all eyeliner styles. To expose the beauty of your eye shape, start to move the eyeliner from the inside of your eyes, thicken this line as you get closer to the outer corner, and create a light tail upward. It's actually as simple as getting the perfect cat eye stares.

Low Eyelids:
All you have to do to create a eyeliner line is as close to the eyelash base as possible. You must drive the eyeliner from the lash bottom and finish the tip of the eyeliner line upwards, which will make your eyes look louder.

Interlocking Distant Eyes:
If you have more distance between the eye flares than an eye length, you have this eye shape. Our aim here is to show the eye flares closer together. In order to achieve this, you should give an intense look to the eyes. For this you can create a minimal tail in the eye flares.

Eyes Close Together:
As opposed to distant eyes, if the distance between the eyes is narrow, the eyes are close to each other. In this case, you need to make the eye flares illuminate to make them look away from each other. Unlike close eyes, eyeliner should be concentrated on the outer parts of the eye. Starting with the eyelids starting from the middle of the eye, it will make your eyes look more distant.

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