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Metallic Effect on Lips

  LÜTFEN SİLMEYİNİZ! Bu formatın dışarsında kalan içeriklerinizi bu alan üzerinden düzenleyebilirsiniz. You've noticed that the most noticeable make-up trend of recent times is the metallic effect, right?Adding brightness to your face to get rid of the pale look, using metallic colors, even the small touches are enough.Of course, we have not gone through this great trend and have a great metallic series.How about examining metallic lipsticks together? Ambitious and eye-catching metallic lipsticks can be used either at night or in the daytime. For a long time, we have combined the metallic trend with matte lips that protect the throne. It's so fashionable that it's not just the night, it's the daylight. The image created by matte metallic lipsticks and the energy it gives is completely different! With Isabelle Dupont Metallic Matte Lipcream you can reflect the most ambitious look of the season on your lips. Metallic lipsticks can adapt to every makeup. Our favorite is to complement the red-brown makeup with metallic lipsticks. Isabelle Dupont Metallic Matte Lipcream series gives you the desired metallic color in one go with its pigmented structure. The light-reflecting formula creates an optical illusion to make your lips look fuller. Moreover, it is really easy to apply flawlessly with the triangular applicator. The increased popularity of metallic lipsticks as long as the effect will not pass!   LÜTFEN SİLMEYİNİZ! Bu formatın dışarsında kalan içeriklerinizi bu alan üzerinden düzenleyebilirsiniz.

Summer Makeup Tips

Even in hot summer days, keeping makeup looking fresh and pretty!We prepared the perfect summer makeup tips for you. Use BaseUsing a base that fits your skin type saves your day. A base that you will use before your skin make-up prevents the preparation of a smooth surface and they really help hold makeup in place.  Bronze Touch The correct applied bronzer is warmed up and revitalizes your makeup. We recommend you applying bronzer, where the sun naturally hits you: forehead, cheekbones, chin, and nose. Powder bronzers are the easiest to apply. Who can say no to the bronze skin, one of the best things in the summer months? Long Lasting Eye Make-up For long lasting eyeshadow use an eye primer. It will minimize creasing and create a base for the shadow to cling to so it lasts longer. Masterstick Blush Cheek and Lip BalmAdds healthiness your cheeks and lips with a single product.Blush gives your face a healthy and vibrant look. Creamy stick blush provides both easy applications and does not melt all day long. Thanks to its creamy structure, it integrates with your skin and gives natural results. Swap out thick lipsticks.Try the season's timeless trend. Glosses are always very practical and eye-catcher .. Lipglosses reflect the light and helps make the lips look fuller. Enjoy lips that are full of natural or dark shades

How to Make Winter Makeup?

Our indispensable passion for makeup requires more care in the winter. The most important element of winter makeup is the durability due to the hard winds and the rainy weather.The make-up that you apply before foundation increases the permanence of some makeup and helps to hide the enlarged pores and imperfections on the skin. After we've driven some of us, we can come back to the foundation.The choice of Sublumiere Flawless Fusion Foundation is ideal for winter months with its durability and closure. Despite its high coverage, its fine structure allows your skin to breathe and provides natural perfection.In the eyes eyeliner will be an excellent choice. You can add depth to your eyes with matte and glossy black eyeliner. I.D Tearproof Dipliner keeps its durability against all weather conditions thanks to its superior performance.Again, if you choose mascara for waterproof mascara, you will prevent rain and cold air from spreading.One of the biggest problems in winter is cracked and dried lips. It is important not to forget to moisturize our lips before going out or applying lipstick. To overcome this problem, you may prefer lipsticks that do not dry your lips. Matte appearance in winter makeup is always in the foreground.Lips in the same situation is valid. Matte lips became an integral part of winter makeup.We recommend I.D Metallic Matte Lipcream for those who get tired of the classic appearance of matte lips, and make a difference on your lips with matt metallic colors.

Eye Shape Eyeliner

Eye makeup can be your most effective weapon to add charm to your eyes. However, we do not take the effect we want if you do not fit your eye shape.For this, according to the eye shape eyeliner while writing the points to be noted. Let's explore eyeliner techniques that match your own eye shape! Almond Eyes:It's time to admit you're lucky! Almond eye shape suits almost all eyeliner styles. To expose the beauty of your eye shape, start to move the eyeliner from the inside of your eyes, thicken this line as you get closer to the outer corner, and create a light tail upward. It's actually as simple as getting the perfect cat eye stares. Low Eyelids:All you have to do to create a eyeliner line is as close to the eyelash base as possible. You must drive the eyeliner from the lash bottom and finish the tip of the eyeliner line upwards, which will make your eyes look louder. Interlocking Distant Eyes:If you have more distance between the eye flares than an eye length, you have this eye shape. Our aim here is to show the eye flares closer together. In order to achieve this, you should give an intense look to the eyes. For this you can create a minimal tail in the eye flares. Eyes Close Together:As opposed to distant eyes, if the distance between the eyes is narrow, the eyes are close to each other. In this case, you need to make the eye flares illuminate to make them look away from each other. Unlike close eyes, eyeliner should be concentrated on the outer parts of the eye. Starting with the eyelids starting from the middle of the eye, it will make your eyes look more distant.

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